Monday, April 28, 2008

Sorry for the delay...

As you can tell from the date of the last post — 10 days ago — I haven't posted here for quite a while. There are two reasons:
  1. I've been preoccupied with writing the first ever production script for my manga Spanner for Script Frenzy. I wrote a lot of pages and claimed my victory. You can read more about it on my project blog.
  2. I thus haven't had much time to seriously think about my politically incorrect opinions or even about simply blogging.
But I'll make sure to post here more often. After all, I'm the kind of opinionated person who wants people to know where I stand.

[EDIT 12/28/2008: This post referred to another post now on my new opinion blog. I've kept this entry posted there too, despite deleting the "Learning to Blog" and other nonpolitical entries from it and the political entries from here, because, well, it's just as true there as it is here.]

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