Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Internet-Related Goals for June 2008

Last entry, I made the decision that just as I set my project-related goals for this month, I should set some blog- and website-related goals too. So these are:
  1. To build up the links and blogroll section of my project blog, Spanner's World, so that it's adequate for my purposes.
  2. To find out how to put subject indexes and tag clouds in my blogs.
  3. To learn how to promote my blogs on the Web and blog search engines and using other Internet promotion tools.
  4. To resume learning HTML so I can start designing my website.
These goals shouldn't be tough like some of my writing and drawing goals. It's mostly a matter of learning and finding out so I can do it.

I'm a public person now, even if I don't yet have much of a public. I have an Internet presence, and this month's goals are intended to enhance it. The Outside View is supposed to be my soapbox, though it isn't yet. And, even after almost a decade, I don't have my website designed or online yet. I'm getting back to doing all this, starting this month. In addition to my writing and drawing, I need to maintain and improve my public presence on the Internet. Ultimately, I intend to post the first issue of Spanner online on September 9 — which, not coincidentally, is main character Shira's 9th birthday (she is 14 when the story begins).

I've got my work cut out for me. Now all I have to do is do it.

Tending to My Blogs: June 2008

I've neglected my blogs for a while now: Spanner's World for two weeks, and The Outside View for a whole month and a half. I've started posting on Spanner's World again, so I figured I might as well post here too. But just posting is not enough. I realized that I need to give Spanner's World a lot more links. So I'll put more links and bigger blogrolls there. It'll take some time and effort, but I want my project blog to be as embedded in its proper context as Spanner itself.

As for The Outside View, [Note: now called Take Nothing On Faith] I need to find some subjects to write about besides blogging. I already have some entries that could kick up some controversy if anybody read them. Once I've built up the links and blogroll sections of Spanner's World a lot and The Outside View a little more than I already have, my next challenge will be to promote both my blogs, and the comics and novels associated with them. That will be the subject of my next "Learning to Blog" entry(/ies). I'll learn how to use such blog promotion tools as Technorati and others. I'll go back to the books on how to blog, and web tutorials on blogging, so I can find out. Also, I'm going to learn how to put subject indexes and tag clouds in my blogs' sidebar.

These are what I intend to do this month. But I'll also want to get back to learning HTML so that I can start designing my website. I'll be doing that this month too. I know: my next entry here will be my blog- and website-related goals for this month.