Monday, April 14, 2008

Learning to Blog 5: Blogrolls, Part 1

It's been a while since I've even touched this blog (except to print personal copies of the entries). So I might as well revive this series I thought I'd abandon (and resume on a new blog). This time around, I'm going to build myself a blogroll. That means I'm going to have to take some time to look for blogs, including some of my old favorites, and put them in the blogroll I've already set up on this site.

If you read some blogs, they have long lists of other people's blogs. This is called, of course, a "blogroll". Sometimes a blogroll will have excerpts from the linked blogs' latest posts. Like the standard lists of links, a blogroll is another way of keeping yourself from being isolated. The trick, of course, is to get people to link to your blogs from theirs. That's one reason why I'm writing more than one entry on blogrolls alone.

On this particular blog of mine, I'm going to have more than just one blogroll; "Blogger in draft" permits it, just as you can have more than one link section. Since I still haven't learned enough to make even the tiniest impact or gain more than a few readers (including myself), I'll use this blog for learning until I get the necessary knowledge. Then I'll use it the way I intended it.

I'll take some time to build my blogrolls, and then I'll resume this series with part 2. I'm a bit busy with writing right now, however (here's my progress report for the middle of the month on my project blog), so I'll have to take some time off from writing after I build a comfortable cushion in my page count). Like I said, I'll have to take some time off from writing to search the Web for the blogs I want to link.

Continued in part 2...

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