Monday, April 7, 2014

The Twilight of the New Gods -- NaPoWriMo Poem #2

[Note: Originally written 4/2/2014.]

America the Midas kingdom turning everything it touches into gold
Acquired collected competed-over turning base men into gods
Turning against the people, building impregnable castles in the sky
Thundering over and over at all times the word from on high: obey
Turning on each other for all gods are jealous and there can only be one

 The will of the gods
 Is written on stone
 The name of the poet
 Is carved into water

The new generation of gods, overthrowing the previous one,
Throwing them off Olympus, casting them into the abyss,
 erasing their names:
Carving their own names into palimpsest temple walls
Carving their commandments with lightning into the air
Carving their emblems out of nightmare into the human mind
 demanding sacrifice:

 You will be organized
 Your soul converted to money
 All resistance is futile
  They call you by a number
  And take away your name

Another heaven destroyed, a new one raised against the chaos of earth
Old hierarchy destroyed, a new one built to tame traitor humankind with faith
Everything good confiscated by heaven to turn earth once again into hell

 New aliens invade
 To conquer and subdue
 The humans they once were
 And make the world their zoo

High above them, looking down, standing taller than the sky
The new Titan generation bearing corporate conglomerate names
Emanating terror commandment police from eyes brighter than the sun
Speaking the word of the profits: buy sell acquire steal nyah
Too much can never be enough, stab your neighbour in the back
Make their life nasty brutish and short, for all must war against all
For the magic the power and the ecstasy of gold

 Hark! commotion below—
 Lo! rebellion, it grows—
 Behold! the threat from below!

Alone one human cannot stand against the pettiest god;
Together as one they can stand against pantheons and storm heaven!

 “The black-headed ones' voices have become deafening.”
 “Let us unleash the flood and drown them with water!”
 “Let us unleash the sun and burn them with fire!”
 “Let us unleash the whirlwind and blast them with air!”
 “Let us unleash the earthquake and bury them in earth!”
 “So mote it be.”

The new gods build giant new bodies out of swarms of angry machines
They dig their snouts deep and eat the earth from deep within
They organize their cults into crusader armies screaming to wreak jihad
Their will: to destroy the mind of man, initiate him back into the earth
 Their word: seek and destroy—

 By terror and power they overdo
 But we are many and they are few

 The gods are bodied in flesh and steel
 The people pull together for survival
 The final battle is on!

Believe in a god and he will assimilate
Fight him alone and he will annihilate
 Withdraw your sanction, end his game
 Erase the memory of his name
  The system is not for human use
  The system was made for gods by gods

 “Why is the river of heaven going dry?”
 “It can't be! Our blood is the real, matter but a flickering shadow.”
 “Look down, you fools! The black-headed ones have ceased to believe!”

The masses below vow to produce for their need not the profits of gods
The gods enraged send angels and demons of vengeance to ravage the earth
The word of chaos is implanted into the heavenly horde, they crash inert
Nations, corporations, tyrants, tycoons, all titans fall to mass deicide
The names of the last generation of gods,
 like those of all generations of gods come before,
  dissolve into nothing:

 Empire is no more:
  and now the dragons' reign
   has ceased!

Humanity their own master at last, they start to rebuild:
Life blooms again, restored to the wasteland of the real:
 and life goes on.

Copyright © 2014 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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