Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hero for Sale -- NaPoWriMo Poem #8

He had amazing superpowers and a personality cult
All the companies in America fell over themselves begging his endorsement
He could pick and choose, he just wanted exposure and beaucoup bucks
His face was plastered all over on posters magazine ads television screens
 He was a hero for sale

Every person has their price, some just don't sell out
Our hero sold his soul for peanuts expecting millions
Superpower and vanity are a volatile cocktail
Watch him at every cocktail party toadying the rich
Who thinking they're superheroes buy personality cults of their own
Trading heroism for celebrity riches playboy mansions with blonde harems

 Ladies and gentlemen:
  our hero.

Copyright © 2014 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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