Friday, April 11, 2014

It Bleeds, It Leads -- NaPoWriMo Poem #6

[Note: Originally written 4/7/14.]

Booyah booyah booyah boom:
the terrorist shoots up the cocktail party with his boomstick
murderous buckshot making hedge fund billionaires bleed money
vapid socialites trophy wives last-gasping soap-operatically
celebrities entering the ideal death-state of infinite profitability
chinaware fixtures bodies drapes all ruined in photogenic ways
white wine red blood stream together into delicious new cocktails
security agents with black blood steel muscles bulletproof skin
swarm into the ruined room fire a leaden hailstorm into his body
red gushers fountain beautifully from the heroic corpse before it crumples
the dying face forms a smug grin as he drifts off to Valhalla

 First Law Of Media:
 It Bleeds, It Leads

The dead killer’s defiant mugshot front-page plastered on all editions
newsbabbling talking heads breathlessly gush over his dastardly feat
nobody cares what he stood for, he’s the hot new criminal celebrity
up there with Carlos the jackal Green River Gary and Scarface Al
and the Twenty-Seven Club of rockers dead from willful self-destruction
what was his cause again? nobody even bothers to remember
all we care to know is he burned out to keep from fading away
his humanity a fading memory, now deified into tabloid celebrity
a growth industry, a boom stock, he and all his opulent victims
their heirs now suing each other, we cry out hurry up and shoot already
smugly we bask in the glamourous heroic aura of his brave exit
our excuse to remain passive complacent conformist in our decay

 This is how you lose by winning.

Rugged individual heroism: the true occult secret to all true villainy
Make yourself a badass name to echo through the stony chambers of Valhalla
Beat the Man, crown yourself emperor, proclaim yourself a god, become the Man
Fail to beat the Man, die a superstar, a profit center for decades to come
 The demigods who rule the world are not like you and me
  All complete unto themselves, no need for society
 What humans see as mortal sin, they call morality
  The demigods care nothing for nature and humanity:

   let them bleed.

Copyright © 2014 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License

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