Sunday, June 28, 2015

Four Years of Google+

As Google+ chief architect Yonatan Zunger points out, today is the fourth anniversary of Google+. As I mentioned in my comment, I'll have been on G+ for four years, having followed Louis Gray with the FriendFeeders on day 2. I admit that, except for posting my blog entries and leaving the occasional comment, I haven't been active there much lately; I started with Twitter, and I still mostly hang out there. But unlike Facebook, which I never liked in the first place, I've never been fully absent from G+ for long, even if I didn't actually post.

What I always liked about G+ is the conversations, which don't descend into flame wars anywhere near as much as on Facebook. And the photographers, who were the most interesting part in the early days and who were the original reason Communities got started. And the ease of posting my blog entries, something that got very frustrating on Facebook just because Zuck hates Google.

So I've decided that now would be a good time to make myself more present there again. That means more uploading (and taking) photos, more poems (and song lyrics too, as 50 Songs in 90 Days is starting on July 4), more article links, and whatever songs and videos I feel the whim to post. Not that I'm abandoning Twitter; I'm still there, and I might even interpost.

Oh, and that "ghost town" they keep talking about in the tech media? Well, I must be seeing one hell of a lot of ghosts in my feed.

Here I come...

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