Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Album Writing Month 2014 Now in Progress: or, 14 in '14!

Actually, I should have posted this on January 31. Well, it's FAWM again, and I'm going to write at least another 14 songs. Unlike the last 2 FAWMs, I'm going to record as many as I can, like I did during my first 2 (2009 and 2010), when I wasn't possessed by a monomania for editing three drafts of Chaos Angel Spanner nonstop. And unlike the past 2 years, I didn't wait until the last day or two to start posting songs. So far I have the lyrics posted for:
  1. Too Close
  2. Electric Boy (a song that's been haunting me for at least 2 years)
In addition to those, at this writing I'm also working on the music to these songs:
  • Bet He's Dead (another song on my inner playlist, originally "Eddie's Dead" then "Freddy's Dead" until I realized those names would be troublesome)
  • It's All Wrong (a song I originally planned for last FAWM)
  • Pure (new for 2014)
  • Tails You Lose, Heads I Win (also new)
I also have these songs planned:
  • Mokey Done Been Smoked (the sequel to 2009's "Smoke the Mokey", the original "mokey rock song, a genre that grew out of a type on FAWM's "add a song" form page)
  • Dream Becomes Real (a straight synthpop song; I need to do at least one, after all)
  • Soundtrack to an Imaginary Film (a dreamy instrumental)
  • False Flag (a song I originally planned for 50/90 2012)
  • Final Burn (new)
  • Pretty Kill in Glorious HD (new)
Whenever I get a full recording posted, I'll post it here on the main blog. I'm also seriously thinking of signing up for Soundcloud so my demos will be accessible to all, especially now that its embedded music player now works with the FAWM site.

So I've started at last. For the next month, or at least until NaNoEdMo comes around in March, I'll be agonizing over songs instead of Spanner rewrites...

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