Thursday, January 2, 2014

Good Riddance 2013, Hello 2014; or, Resolution Time Again

I didn't post here most of last year, not even songs for FAWM (because I never recorded any). Reason is, I spent most of my time on the epic final edit of Spanner. And this is supposed to be my main blog.

2014 will be different. Naturally, I have my resolutions. The obvious ones:
  1. Finish the final edit of Spanner Book 1.
  2. Practice my singing and my instruments for FAWM, not just this year's but next year's too.
  3. Pick a non-Spanner NaNoWriMo novel to edit and get published.
The ones I've been seriously procrastinating regardless of year:
  1. Start drawing again so I can finally learn how to draw comics;
  2. Start taking photographs again (conveniently, digital cameras better than mine are cheaper than ever);
  3. Keep at my workout program (just resuming it's not enough);
  4. Improve my French, German, and Japanese;
  5. Learn Python, Perl, and even C;
  6. Clean house (and stop using the epic Spanner edit to avoid it); and
  7. Resume regular posting to what's supposed to be my main blog, starting now.
2013 was a tough year: my mother's long recovery from surgery, the death of a cousin who was almost a brother to me when we were kids, the birth of my nephew and my brother's near-withdrawal from the family, my unhealthy obsession with a certain epic edit that even nearly ruined my health and prevented my 8th consecutive NaNo win (which I pulled off despite myself). 2014, on the other hand, will be the year I become a published professional author at last. I'll get back to posting about novels, comics, TV series, and the like as well. And of course I'll post drawings.

I've had my drink to the new year. The next step is to plunge into it. Here goes...

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