Thursday, July 7, 2011

Project 365, Days 4-6

I'm not exactly keeping pace with the pictures in this blog during this Project 365. The two previous times, I had no such problem because I had that blog at Photoblog. Anyway, I'll work backwards here, starting with yesterday's pics:

I'd say the middle one was a tad underexposed. I'll have to go back to my photography class material so I can remember what the problem and the solution are.

Anyway, I took one picture on the 5th, and it had a bit of current-events relevance, at least in a sort of tabloid spirit:

And on the 4th, I took this picture of the birthday cake I was about to start attacking, as part of the FriendFeed food meme thing:

Anyway, that's enough pictures for now. It's been said that if you take enough pictures for a long enough time, you improve. We'll see about that. Now where was that class material?

Back to The Space Helmet Show...

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