Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good Riddance Juneuary: Summer Finally Comes to Seattle

As I noted last entry, the Northwest has been groaning under gray weather this month. We got so sick of it, we called it "Juneuary". Well, one day after the official start of summer, summer has finally arrived in my corner of the country. Juneuary is over, and good riddance.

I've gotten so used to the dreary weather this month that I'm actually not ready for summer yet. It'll take me perhaps a couple weeks of sweating bullets in 75° weather before I adjust to it. Some of my neighbors are glad they can finally go outside in bikinis. I'm just relieved I no longer have to wear a jacket. I'll have to start seriously thinking about increasing my workouts so I won't be embarrassed by my physique...

Now to get out into the good weather. I might even take pictures and post them...

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