Sunday, December 28, 2008

Introducing the new Space Helmet Show blog

I haven't posted to this blog since June. Right now I'm transferring all my political opinion posts to a new blog called Dennis Jernberg's Opinions, which I'm reserving only for my politically incorrect opinions. I've dropped the name "The Outside View", which I wanted to pick back in 2001, back when blogging was new and I merely wanted to blog. I'm more myself now than I was then, and I'm a far more public person. And so I've renamed this blog after its URL: The Space Helmet Show, and I've given it a new purpose. It's now the blog I'll use for my most miscellaneous stuff.

I made the decision to start a blog of my own back in 2001. But I didn't actually set up my first two blogs (this and my project blog) till last March. Until my burnout last August, I kept more or less up on my project blog. However, I eventually all but abandoned my opinion blog (this one in its original incarnation), and even before then I was posting the miscellaneous items that I'll now focus on here.

Behind the handle "Space Helmet": I was the weird kid in school. I had already been diagnosed as autistic — one of the first ever to receive that diagnosis — and in retrospect I was a classic Asperger's syndrome case. (For some reason, I seem to have outgrown this; I'm far more normal today, and far more high-functioning, than I was then.) In high school, the jocks took to calling me "Space Helmet" because I was so weird. Recently, I decided to take it as a handle, just because it amused me. (It's not the only one, of course.) So when I tried to set up my opinion blog with the title "The Outside View" but couldn't put the name into my URL because all permutations of it had already been taken — it probably became so common so early that it long ago became one of the hoariest blog-name clichés — I resurrected the old nickname the high-school jocks had thrown at me and put it into this blog's URL. When I created my new opinion blog and moved the old opinion posts there, I decided I might as well take the URL I picked and use it as the name of this blog.

If I want to refer to my politically incorrect opinions, I'll now do it through links to my new opinion blog.

Now I need to go back to my blogs and change a whole lot of settings...

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