Saturday, March 15, 2008

Learning to Blog

I've been on the Internet for over 10 years now, since I first went online back in 1994 on my local library's text-based terminals running the Lynx browser and the Pine email client. I printed up lots of websites, sent some email to friends, and subscribed to a few mailing lists. When I started connecting to the library's free ISP (defunct since 2001), I got into the habit of surfing a fairly narrow range of websites.

In other words, for most of my online life I was a lurker. I was always on the outside looking in.

I wanted to blog and do other such stuff. I wanted to be on the cutting edge of net culture. However, I've been poor most of my life, and poverty instilled in me a sense of resignation and hopelessness that worsened my tendency to procrastinate.

Well, now I have two blogs, and I'm going to add at least one more. However, there's a learning curve. No one can learn everything in the time it took for, say, Neo to learn kung fu in The Matrix. Even though I'm smart, I still have to learn something a piece at a time.

So don't be surprised to find that this site is fairly minimal to start with. It's incomplete and still under construction. For one thing, I haven't yet added the all-important blogroll, at the top of which will be my other blogs, followed by my favorite and suggested blogs and sites.

I'll get the hang of this thing yet...

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